This is the first release in a documentary series that explores Australia’s underground music scenes. There is a close relationship that exists, between Hobart and Melbourne. Each city harbors its own distinct scenes with its own distinct artists that operate in a manner that fits them or their surroundings. Despite this and the Bass Strait, bleed lines exist between the two.

For Hobart, Melbourne is the first and closest step in interstate touring and the constant leak of change-seeking artists from Hobart to Melbourne has led to many artists calling both cities home.

It’s not our claim that the appearing artists are the only ones you should hear, for there is an amount much more, too numerous to mention, that prove everything that is great about underground music scenes. This album will be just a taste of some of the credible artists that work within a small portion of each city’s underground scenes.

HOBART + MELOURNE: East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Transcription of Organ Music, Moe Grizzly, The Native Cats, Witch Hats, Ivy St., Pikelet, Teeth and Tongue, The Stabs, Paint Your Golden Face. Melbourne Introduction by Steph Hughes. Hobart Introduction by Andrew Harper. All copies of this release have been distributed directly to the appearing artists and will not be sold by Clones and Clones.

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